10 Items On A Film Crowdfunder's Success Checklist - Raindance

This is so crucial to read/watch for anyone trying to sustain their life with art.  "How does this apply to me?" Yes, this applies to musicians.  Crowdfunding is the new record label.  If you haven't figured that out you're behind the curve.  You've watched bands and artists on your friends list do it and if you haven't figured it out, there is so much more to gain from crowdfunding than money.  There are several phases of crowdfunding that are each an opportunity for promotion that will go way beyond 1. inviting friends and family to a show or several shows, and B, telling them about your record.  Croudfunding gets people involved. It gets them engaged, and makes them highly likely to tell others about your campaign.  More-so than if you ask them to share your page.  It's psychological and emotional.  If you're not constantly running a crowdfunding campaign, you're slipping up and not doing justice to your talent nor to those who are supporting your art.  Reach your audience.  The next time you want to book studio time or get your record mixed/mastered, crowdfund it instead of just hoping that a professional who has put decades into a craft will work for minimum wage.  

I'll be discussing a plan for bands and artists to increase their audience through crowdfunding in future posts.  

Click the penny to follow the link and learn more about the many benefits to, and tactics for, running your own crowdfunding campaign.  

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