Sound Design, Scoring, Editing, and Restoration.

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Audio Services

I perform a wide range of Audio services to fit your project's needs.  Contact me by email or social media to discuss rates, availability, and how we can achieve more together.


Sound Design


Post Production Mixing
Production Audio


Sound Design
Audio Asset Creation
Voice-over Recording
Adaptive Music

Software: Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Izotope RX, East West, Adobe Audition, Fmod Studio, Universal Audio, Waves, SoundToys, AutoTune, Kontakt, Premiere Pro.


About Me



  • Ryan mixed my most recent original song and I am so happy with the outcome. I will be returning to him for more mixes and also once my body of work is ready to be mastered. He was really good about listening to my notes along the way and never made me feel like I was putting him out. Thankful for his dedication!
    — Meekha
  • Ryan has a wonderfully creative brain and is very skilled and professional in his work. He has been in the business for a while so definitely knows what he is doing. He will work with you and your vision, making it come to life. Apart from being incredibly talented, he is a delight to be around and super easy to work with.
    — Audrey Morgan
  • Ryan is great! We had a webseries that was in rough shape audio-wise and Ryan stepped in and saved the day. Total rockstar and wonderful to work with.
    — Samantha Osburn - GASM Media
  • Ryan is my go to for mix/master. He seems to actually invest in a mix as if its his song which yields different results that i've had with other mixers. Balancing and doing something that is technically correct or shows up in meters to be comparatively good is useless to me and Ryan gets that too. He's fearlessly chasing after whatever sounds right
    — Matthew Heath

I would consider myself as someone with deep experience as a creative and technical media producer capable of overseeing the end-to-end development of multiple, concurrent audio productions from ideation to green-light, pre-production, field recording, and post-production to delivery.  I have proven experience in personally developing and bringing to market exceptional programming, and I have a track record of successfully managing the creative output of independent producers. 

Much of my career thus far has been spent working independently on multiple projects typically with short lead times and heavy workloads.  I dedicate a significant amount of time to learning new technologies and techniques.  I take pride in solving problems and meeting deadlines as well as meeting or exceeding expectations. My motivation comes from a passion for telling stories through media.  My daily mantra is “under sell, over deliver” and I have sacrificed a lot of hours in pursuit of that goal.  I have also proactively become great at taking direction and criticism.  I am highly motivated, extremely success driven, customer service oriented, and I have a reputation for being meticulous. 

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