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After 2 years of working in professional studios I began building a home studio with the purpose of recording and mixing demos for bands and songwriters in 2000.  All I had were a pair of adats, a 16 channel Mackie mixer, an Alesis Midiverb, and a rack of the cheapest eq's and compressors money could buy.  I got decent results by using my ears and not over-doing things.  Since then I've upgraded the equipment.  I've also gone through so many phases of chasing a style of recording, achieving it, then moving onto the next.  The technology has changed a lot as well, and that has improved my attitude toward mixing with a mouse as well as it's improved my workflow.  

Since I began mixing sound for film my all around philosophy as an engineer has shifted toward creating very dynamic and detailed pictures with sound.  I no longer put anything on the master buss until I feel the mix will stand on its own as if it were mastered.  Mixing for film has given me a keen ear for what the human voice, the first instrument, should sound like in a variety of spaces.  

It's possible I wear too many different hats as I'm also a composer, songwriter, arranger, guitarist, singer, and sound designer.  Like I've said, I'm a workaholic.  I never want to stop learning.  But, the end result is always the master.  Like someone going through an obstacle course, I'm always keeping the end in mind.

I have no designs on being a huge star or being showered with respect, adoration, or acceptance from anyone.  I just want to earn a living while doing the best work I possibly can and to be surrounded by people I enjoy.

I've had the pleasure of working closely with some supremely talented people and have helped many new artists get started. I try to bring an old school twist to  modern  music.  I'm patient and fearless.  I draw on experience, passion, and intuition when it comes to painting with sound.  This makes me a driving force and major part of every project on which I work.